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Shroud Joins Sentinels Valorant Roster To Make a Comeback In Competitive FPS

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has joined Sentinels Valorant roster, making a comeback to competitive FPS. Neither Shroud nor Sentinels teased or revealed anything about it before the announcement. As a result, the news has surprised the entire Valorant community as no one expected it to happen.

Sentinels announced the acquisition with a teaser video on Twitter, followed by the complete video a few hours later. The video features Shroud himself revealing the acquisition and explaining how it took place. 

Shroud Joins Sentinels Valorant Roster To Play NA LCQ

Sentinels were searching for a fifth player for their roster as Hunter “SicK” Mims has extended his break from competitive gaming for personal reasons. Since the end of the last year, Sentinels have been struggling to perform in VCT. As a result, they failed to qualify for VCT Masters Stage 2 Copenhagen and will play VCT NA Last Chance Qualifiers. 

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Without prior notice, teaser, or warning, Sentinels revealed on Twitter that Shroud would be joining their active roster. This is the first time Shroud will play competitive FPS since his retirement from his CSGO career in 2018. Since his retirement, Shroud has become a popular streamer on Twitch, playing various games, including Valorant, Apex Legends, and more. 

How Sentinels Acquired Shroud

After Sentinels posted the news on Twitter, Shroud’s fans reached out to Sentinels on Twitter, questioning whether the Tweet was legitimate or just a joke. After some time, Shroud went live on Twitch and explained that the news was legitimate and how he got signed.

According to Shroud, the acquisition happened in the spur of the moment over dinner. He said, “This whole thing was a spur of the moment over dinner, like ‘Hey, Sentinels need a fifth. Do we throw your name in there?’ and I was like, ‘Absolutely.” However, at first, not only fans, but even Sentinels themselves thought that Shroud was trolling. 

“All thought I was trolling,” said Shroud. “They all thought I was trolling, but I was not trolling.”

Later, he said that he would try his best while competing and move to boot camp to ‘speed up the whole process’ of catching up and ‘fit right’ in the team. 

Shroud will play the role of the controller on most maps, and however, he might play some other role someone is comfortable playing controller. At last, he mentions he wants to win the LCQ and wants to play well. 

Shroud joining Sentinels Valorant Roster has come as shocking news to the entire Valorant community. On the other hand, everyone is excited to see the veteran come back to the competitive scene. The Shroud’s acquisition has made VCT NA LCQ a lot more interesting, and it will be interesting to see how the team performs. For more updates and the latest news, follow our Instagram page and stay tuned to our website.

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