Sentinels Win the Valorant Champions Tour: Masters Reykjavik

Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Masters was live. In contrast, the Valorant Masters Reykjavik Stage 2 concluded on May 30, 2021. The Sentinels won the Grand Finals of the event.

About Valorant Masters Reykjavik Grand Finals:

Valorant Masters Reykjavik is the second part of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021. Subsequently, different regional teams took part in the event.

Likewise, Sentinels is a North American-region team. They are famous for their aggressive gameplay.  As a result, they defeated Fnatic in the Grand Finals of the event.

(Image CR: Riot Games)

Earlier, Fnatic lost the match against Sentinels in bracket 1. However, they made all their way to the grand finals. 

SEN won the title without losing a single match, that is, by 3-0. The teams played on the following maps –

Maps and Scores:

1: Split   –  Sentinels won  14-12

2: Bind –  Sentinels won  16-14

3: Haven –  Sentinels won 13-12

Sentinels dominated Fnatic on every map. Their aggressive gameplay is remarkable.

Moreover, Europe, Brazil, and Korea were all defeated by the Sentinels. They are the first team to qualify for the Champions event. In contrast, they have established North America as the reigning region.

VCT Masters Reykjavik: Overall Standings:

PlaceTeamPoints Prize
#4TEAM LIQUID250$60,000
#5TEAM VIKINGS200$40,000
#6VERSION 1200$40,000
#7KRU ESPORTS175$25,000
#8X10 ESPORTS175$25,000
#9SHARKS ESPORTS150$15,000
#10CRAZY RACCOON150$15,000

In contrast, Fnatic is also one of the strongest teams. Moreover, they are the runner-up of the event.

In addition, they dominated other teams with their gameplay skills.

However, the upcoming part of VCT 2021 is ‘Valorant Champions’. These shall be the Global Finals. 

Also, Riot has announced the Valorant Conquerors Championship. This event is for the South Asian teams. Moreover, Indian teams shall participate in the VCT through these Qualifiers.

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