Sid joins S8UL Esports

Sid joins S8UL Esports as an Esports Manager.

Former manager of TSM Entity Siddhant Joshi aka Sid joins S8UL Esports as an Esports manager. As TSM parted ways with their PUBG Mobile roster last month, Sid wasn’t a manager of any team. Hence, S8UL Esports signed him.

 Last month, TSM announced that they are parting ways with their PUBG Mobile for some unknown reasons. However, they mentioned that they were doing it with mutual understanding. Since TSM released its roster, Sid wasn’t a manager of any team for the time being. Hence, Sid joins S8UL Esports as an Esports manager. 

Image Via TSM-India

After the official launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, many organizations were looking for a new roster and management. On the other hand, TSM released their PUBG Mobile roster, which created a little chaos. 

Sid joins S8UL Esports.

S8UL Esports has signed Siddhant ‘Sid’ Joshi as a manager of its Esports division. Sid is a former manager of the TSM Entity. 

S8UL openly welcomed Sid through social media platforms. They also mentioned that they are very excited to have a hardworking person like Sid on the board.

Sid’s work history

Under Sid’s management, TSM Entity won many Indian tournaments, including PUBG Mobile India Series 2020. Nonetheless, they also performed impressively at the international level. While managing these teams, Sid collected a lot of trophies along with the team. Sid has also worked for organizations like Entity Gaming, Oblique Gaming, Neckbreak Gaming and more. 

About S8UL

S8UL is one of the most famous and oldest organizations in PUBG Mobile Esports. However, it was formed by a partnership between two organizations, namely Team Soul and 8bit. S8UL has been a part of PUBG Mobile Esports since the beginning. Nonetheless, they have been performing exceptionally well. The addition of Sid to the organizations will only improve the performance of their team.

It will be thrilling to see what new heights S8UL will achieve under the management of Sid. It is no doubt that Sid joins S8UL as he is one of the best managers in the country and S8UL is one of the best organization in the country. 

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