Skyesports Champions Series

Skyesports Champions Series Finals – Schedule, Brackets and More

Skyesports Champions Series Phase 3 is about to begin. It will be the qualifier for the VCT 2022 : APAC Stage 2.

Skyesports has hosted major Valorant tournaments in India. One of them was a superhit LAN event in Mumbai. Therefore, Riot Games partnered with Skyesports for hosting qualifiers for their next event for VCT. 

Valorant Champions Tour(VCT) is an official tournament circuit hosted by Riot Games. Here are all the details of the event –

Skyesports Champions Series

SCS is scheduled between 19 May – 5 June. Moreover, it features a prize pool of $30,000. Teams from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bangladesh have competed in the event.

Total 12 teams participated in the group stage, out of which 6 best have qualified for the finals. 

In contrast, there are 5 Indian teams in the finals. 

Teams :

The following teams will fight in the final stage –

  1. Velocity Gaming
  2. Global Esports
  3. Revenant Esports
  4. Full Power Gaming
  5. Enigma Gaming
  6. Orangutan

The format will be a double-elimination bracket, so teams will have 2 chances. There are two upper-bracket rounds in Phase 3. 

All matches are best of 3 except the grand finals which is best of 5.

The top 2 teams will directly go to the next stage – VCT APAC Challengers 2. This time, Riot has increased the number of slots from 1 to 2. Also, they have included APAC as a region in the circuit, which is great news.

Once again, all the SA teams are ready to fight for another chance to reach the global stage. 

Bracket :

Image Via Skyesports

To sum up, it will be exciting to watch who gets through SCS and reaches VCT Stage 2. The clashes between the best Valorant teams will be thrilling to watch. 

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