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South Korean Government Issues Books for Students to Participate in Esports

South Korean Government has issued some books on gaming and esports. Moreover, there is an ‘Esports Department’ at Eunpyeong Meditech High School in Seoul, South Korea. 

In this school, students can choose gaming and esports for studies and making their career in esports. Also, it is their choice, if they wish to study it.

The South Korean Government helps students in getting into the esports world.


The esports department has a gaming classroom with a large screen where you can see the game at a glance, and a gaming pc placed at every seat!

In contrast, there are different rooms which have a group of gamers. 

In the first year, students study about various esports events and the gaming industry in general.

After that, in second year, they study the work ethics that an esports player must have.

Further, in the third year they learn esports psychological training. As we know, esports players face stress and the pressure to win. 


These books have lessons on  different game genres like –

  • FPS – First Person Shooter 
  • MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • RTS – Real Time Strategy
  • FIFA 

Also, there are course books on the history of gaming. They have lessons on how to prepare for real tournaments.

The teachers first teach the basics of the games to the students. For example, choosing a character to play. 

They tell students the strategy to win each game and help them to reach the LAN events.

The students who played games earlier and dream to be a pro gamer are a part of this department.

Moreover, the gaming industry is growing at a fast pace. Esports is a career option now and the competition is increasing day by day.

It’s wonderful to imagine the kind of classes that are held in the ‘esports department’.

To sum up, the South Korean government puts efforts to support esports in their country. They acknowledge the gaming industry and esport as a career. 

Training the interested students in the right way is a very good initiative.

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