Streamers Battle

Streamers Battle might be the First Tournament of BGMI

The early access of BGMI for Android devices is out now. Moreover, Krafton will release the final version of the game for Android and iOS soon. As Krafton promised, Battlegrounds Mobile India will come with tons of tournaments, and the first tournament in the line is the Streamers Battle.

The first tournament of the Battlegrounds Mobile India might be the “Streamers Battle.”

You will be able to see Esports Players as well as streamers from India competing against each other. 

In a recent live stream of Shahnawaz ‘GYROGOD’ Shahbaz on his YouTube channel, he said that Krafton might organize a tournament worth “50,00,000 INR.” Moreover, he said that the tournament would commence 2-3 weeks after the launch of BGMI. However, Krafton has not announced anything officially yet.

Streamers Battle

The Streamers Battle will be an official tournament by BGMI. This tournament will probably be the same as the Streamers Battle, which PUBG Mobile arranged. 

Besides, this tournament will be completely invitational. Only the team invited by Krafton will play in the tournament. Casual players will not be able to play in the tournament. Moreover, Krafton will invite all the streamers, professional teams and content creators to compete.

The Prize Pool of the tournament will be around 50,00,000 INR. Moreover, the tournament is said to commence 2 to 3 weeks after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. So, we can speculate that the tournament will commence in the first or second week of July.

As there is no official announcement by Krafton, the above information may vary. For solid details, we have to wait for Krafton to announce the tournament. Besides, the final release of BGMI is probably around the corner, as on the 17th of July, Krafton released the Early Access of the game.

It will be pretty exciting to see how Krafton comes back to India after the ban of PUBG Mobile. Besides, this will be Krafton’s first tournament in India for around nine months. 

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