Streamers Showdown

Marcos Gaming became the champions of the Streamers Showdown by Skyesports.

Marcos Gaming has won the Battlegrounds Mobile India Streamers Showdown by Skyesports. 

Krafton launched Battlegrounds Mobile India on the 2nd of July. Despite releasing recently, Battlegrounds Mobile India managed to break all the records in terms of downloads, viewership and more. Moreover, the esports scene for the game has already begun. 

On the other hand, Skyesports is already back with their daily practice matches. Moreover, Skyesports already hosted  a Battlegrounds Mobile India Streamers tournament. In this tournament, Skyesports invited many streamers and content creators to fight against each other. 

After 4 thrilling days, the tournament came to an end and Marcos Gaming won the Skyesports tournament.  

Skyesports Streamers Showdown

Skyesports invited Overall 17 teams to play the Streamers Showdown. These 17 teams played 16 matches in four days. At the end of the tournament, Marcos Gaming managed to secure the top spot with two chicken dinners. Moreover, Marcos Gaming secured a total 209 points with a whopping 103 finishes.

Team Revenant managed to finish at the second rank on the final day of the tournament. Moreover, they won three chicken dinners with a total of 83 finishes. 

Team Walkouts managed to secure the third rank on the final day of the tournament. Moreover, they were only one point behind Team Revenant. Walkouts managed to secure two chicken dinners with a total of 87 finishes. 

Since the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Streamers Showdown was the first tournament held by Skyesports. Nonetheless, Skyesports broadcast the tournament in six languages Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu.

On winning the tournament, the founder of Marcos Gaming, Sudhir Kulria, said “This is a great, great win. We’d like to thank all the teams for making this a great competition. Skyesports, thank you for hosting such a sweet tournament as always you guys did a fantastic job. Special mention to all the fans who have loved and supported us throughout.”

The Streamers Showdown was a very thrilling event for players and fans. However, this is just the beginning. More tournaments are yet to come. Moreover, it will be exciting to see how the Esports scene of Battlegrounds Mobile India turns out. 

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