Team India Wins Bronze at Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022

Team India Wins Bronze at Commonwealth Esports Championship 2022

Team India has once again created history at the Commonwealth Games. India’s DOTA 2 team won a bronze medal in the  Commonwealth Esports Championships 2022. 

Commonwealth Esports Championship is an inaugural event which marks the debut of esports in the event. 

Since it was an inaugural event, the medal won’t be counted in the official tally. But from the next event onwards, esports will be a part of the main medal events.

Team India at Commonwealth Esports :

With their amazing performance, Team India won with a score of 2-0 against New Zealand. 

During the stream, a lot of fans joined the stream to cheer for India. It was great to see the Indian audience cheering. 

Indian DOTA 2 team has the following players –

  1. Moin Ejaz
  2. Ketan Goyal
  3. Abhishek Yadav
  4. Shubham Goli
  5. Visha Vernekar 

To reach here, the team had to go a long way. They won 4 out of 6 matches of the South Asia regional qualifiers. 

They defeated all the teams in the group stage. However, they lost to Malysia in the semifinals. Therefore, the team headed to the Bronze medal game against New Zealand, and won.

Esports has been globally recognised now. And therefore, it was a part of the Commonwealth Games 2022. 

Esports has also been a part of the Asian Games. Tirth Mehta from India won a bronze medal in Hearthstone, at the demonstration event of Asian Games.

Next time, Asian Games will have esports as a part of the main event. Currently, the Asian Games 2022 are postponed to 2023 due to covid.    

To sum up, Team India has made the entire country proud. They have also put an example to show esports and its significance. 

This time, Indian athletes have won a lot of medals in events like wrestling and weight lifting. Similarly, India rocks in esports as well!  

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