VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik

Team Liquid to replace FPX in VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik due to travel restrictions

FunPlus Phoenix won’t be able to travel to VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik event due to travel restrictions. Team Liquid will replace FPX in the championship, Riot Games announced through a tweet.

Many countries, including Iceland, have banned Russian aircraft to protest against the Russia-Ukraine war. Hence, many Russian players struggle to travel to Iceland for Masters Reykjavik. 

Team Liquid to replace FPX’s roster in VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik 

Andrey “Shao” Kiprsky and Dmitry “SUYGETSU” Ilyushin are professional Valorant players of FunPlus Phoenix based in Russia. Due to the travel restrictions on Russian civilians and sanctions imposed by the Iceland government, both of these players won’t be able to travel to Iceland.

Moreover, Kyryko “ANGE1” Karasov from FunPlus Phoenix is based in Ukraine. As a result, three out of five players from FPX were facing several travel issues. 

The tweet reads, “Travel restrictions in Ukraine and Russia, as well as existing COVID-19 regulations, continue to create numerous challenges for international travel. Over the past few weeks, our events, competitive operations, and mobility teams worked to find solutions to ensure the FunPlus Phoenix roster could attend Masters Reykjavík.” Further, it reads, “In the light of this development Team Liquid will be invited to participate at Masters Reykjavik as representatives of the EMEA region. This will ensure that all three EMEA slots are occupied by teams from the region.”

Riot Games tried various options to help FPX, such as extending the roster lock window, relaxing emergency substitute rules, and liaising with government officials to secure visa and travel permission, but none worked. After trying every possible option, Riot Games decided to advance Team Liquid in VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik. 

FunPlus Phoenix showed an incredible performance, winning the EMEA Stage One challengers against G2 Esports in the Grand Finals. FPX has worked hard since the start of the year to reach this stage.

However, due to the unfortunate series of events, they have to abandon their journey in the middle. On the bright side for Team Liquid, they will get one more chance in the VCT 2022 Masters Reykjavik.

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