Team Soul Wins BMPS Season 1

Team Soul Bags Prize Money Worth 86.5 Lakhs from BMPS Season 1

Team Soul became the Champions of BMPS Season 1. With their win, they have bagged a big amount from the prize pool.

The team has taken almost all the other titles featured in BMPS.

BMPS S1 concluded on 12 June 2022, in which top 16 teams of India competed in the same lobby.

They had set a massive score with their skills during the first two days. On day 3 and 4, their consistency kept them on the top.

However, all the other teams were unable to cover up such a huge difference in score.

Therefore, Soul was already the winner of BMPS. Moreover, there were close fights between teams for 2nd-4th positions.

OR Esports came 2nd after a huge comeback on the final day.

Their dominating performance on each day took them to the top of the leaderboard. They won with 335 points, in which they got 166 finish points. Also, they took chicken dinner in the last match which made the victory memorable.

In addition, the team successfully took almost all of the other titles in the event.

Team Soul Earnings :

BMPS had a prize pool of ₹2,00,00,000, from which Team Soul has earned Rs 86.5 Lakhs by taking the following titles —

  1. BMPS Winner – ₹75,00,000
  2. MVP – ₹2,50,000 – Soul Goblin
  3. Most Finishes by a Team – ₹2,00,000 (166 finishes)
  4. Lone Survivor – ₹1,00,000 (Soul Akshat)
  5. Rampage Freak – ₹1,00,000 (Soul Goblin)
  6. Fan Favourite Team – ₹1,00,000 
  7. Fan Favourite Player – ₹1,00,000 (Soul Goblin)
  8. Player of the Day (day 2) – ₹1,00,000 (Soul Goblin)
  9. Player of the Day (day 3) – ₹1,00,000 (Soul Goblin)
  10.  Player of the Day (day 4) – ₹1,00,000 (Soul Goblin)

To sum up, this time Soul has won hearts with their incredible performance. They have proved themselves worthy of all the titles and love from the fans.

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