Team Soul BGMI Lineup

Team Soul BGMI Lineup to Be An Academy Lineup, Confirms 8Bit Goldy

Team Soul BGMI lineup will be announced very soon. This time it will be different. Instead of a 4 or 5-men roster, Soul will have an Academy lineup.

When the team failed to qualify in BGIS semifinals, Mortal announced that they will bring a new lineup. Also, they had to let go Scout and Mavi in 2021 due to synergy issues. 

During a livestream of caster Mazys, 8Bit Goldy revealed about having an Academy Lineup. 

What is an Academy Lineup?

An academy lineup means there is one main lineup, however, more skilled and best performing players of that organisation can be transferred to this main lineup.

These players may have different team names, but still they are a part of that organisation.  

TSM, Cloud9, Team Liquid, Stalwart Esports have academy lineups for different games. 

Nova Esports is the best example of Academy lineups. They simply put forward their best players according to the situation, and they succeed.

Team Soul BGMI Lineups (old) :

In 2021, Team Soul changed their lineup twice. Following are their previous rosters –

Team Soul BGMI Lineup: Before BGIS

  1. Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur
  2. Yash ‘Viper’ Soni
  3. Parv ‘Regaltos’ Singh
  4. Mavi ‘Mavi’ Harman
  5. Tanmay ‘Scout’ Singh

Team Soul signed Scout and Mavi in 2021. The roster played various tournaments. But due to synergy issues, the team was disbanded.

Team Soul BGMI Lineup: For BGIS

  1. Yash ‘Viper’ Soni
  2. Viren ‘Viru’ Gour
  3. Yogesh ‘Roxx’ Yadav
  4. ‘YuvaOP’

Team Soul is one of the most-loved teams in India. Ever since events like PMCO began, the team has been at the top of leaderboards. 

This year things didn’t workout. But once again, they will come up with something new. 

To sum up, the plan of the academy lineup seems very useful for Team Soul. This clearly explains that their aim is to win a trophy for India. Hopefully, after all the efforts they will bring the best.

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