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Team SOUL reveals their new Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) roster.

Team SOUL has officially revealed their official roster of BGMI. Since the launch of the game, all the fans were eagerly waiting for the launch of the new roster of BGMI. However, finally on the 7th of July, SOUL Esports uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel revealing their roster for BGMI.

Team Soul has been dominating the battleground since the beginning of the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile in India. In 2019, Team Soul won almost all the official tournaments of PUBG Mobile. Now, they are back with a more stronger line up in Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

New Team Soul roster

The new roster of Team Soul includes,

  1. Naman “MORTAL” Mathur
  2. Tanmay “SCOUT” Singh
  3. Parv “REGALTOS” Singh
  4. Yash “VIPER” Soni
  5. Harmandeep “MAVI” Singh

The roster reveal video is full of goosebumps, showing a few best moments of all players with a narrator describing them. However, this was the most anticipated announcement in the Battlegrounds Mobile India community.

Team Soul has brought two new explosive players in their roster, we all have seen their capability in the PUBG Mobile Pro League and other international tournaments. Moreover, Mortal, Viper and Regaltos were also part of the older Soul roster of PUBG Mobile.

Each player in the new roster has a lot of accomplishments with impeccable mechanical skills. Moreover, with addition of Scout and Mavi to the roster the team will make them more aggressive now. 

Scout has great fragging skills with a godly game sense. Scout has managed to prove himself in every tournament he has played. Mavi has great mechanical skills and a very smart IGL mind which easily makes him one of the best IGLs in the world.

Moreover, the fan favourite, Mortal is one of the best players in the community. Since the beginning of the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile in India, he has managed to prove himself every single time. Working hard all these years, Mortal has earned himself a huge loyal fanbase.

Like Mortal, Viper has also been a part of the Soul family since the beginning. Also, he has proved himself in every tournament. On the other hand, Regaltos joined team Soul in 2019 and he never let his team down.

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