Team Soul Wins BMPS Season 1

Team Soul Wins BMPS Season 1, Results and Standings

Team Soul has become the crown champion of the BMPS Season 1. Soul is back again in its dominating form.

They won the event with 335 points. In contrast, the chicken dinner in the final match decorated their victory. Team Soul had already set such a high score that teams could not even reach. 

On the day 2 itself, they had a massive score of 161 which teams were chasing to come out on top. On day 3 and 4, they remained consistent and won.  

Surprisingly, OR made a huge comeback on the final day, as they jumped from the 4th to the 2nd position in these 6 matches. 

Meanwhile OR Esports took the second position with 250 points and Enigma Gaming came third with 228 points. 

Overall Standings – 

Following are the overall standings of BMPS Season 1 –

Image Via Krafton

Prize Pool :

Krafton announced a prize pool of ₹2,00,00,000 . Following is the prize distribution –

  1. ₹7,500,000
  2. ₹35,00,000
  3. ₹20,00,000
  4. ₹10,00,000

MVP (₹2,50,000) – Soul Goblin

Most Finishes – Team Soul

Lone Survivor – Soul Akshat

Rampage – Soul Goblin

Fan Favorite Team- Team Soul

Fan Favorite player – Soul Goblin

Team Soul :

Team Soul is one of the most popular BGMI teams in India. This time, they went through roster changes and announced their new players. 

Their new team participated in BMOC and BMPS. Later on, former players Mortal and Viper also played, and fans were delighted to watch them back in esports.

Their roster has the following players –

  1. Mortal (Naman Mathur)
  2. Viper (Yash Soni)
  3. Goblin (Harsh Paudwal)
  4. Omega (Sahil Jakhar)
  5. Akshat(Akshat Goel)
  6. Hector (Sohail Shaikh)

In conclusion, Soul became the stars of the show in the finals. Krafton’s next events are on their way and Soul will be ready to rock in them too.

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