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Team T69 will Join S8ul Esports as Valorant Roster with its New Players

Team T69 will soon join S8ul Esports as their Valorant Roster. S8ul Esports has not made an official announcement. But Binks unofficially announced the roster.

He announced that the roster will have the following players –

1. Mithul ‘Binks’ Nayak

2. Saharyar ‘Badman’ Shaikh

3. Sameer ‘Godvexy’ Sharma

4. Sahil ‘Strixx’ Rane 

5. Rishabh ‘Ezzzyyyxd’ Gupta

6. Tanmay ‘Notfox’ Verma

About Team T69:

Binks69, an Indian streamer and Valorant pro, put up Team T69. Mithul “Binks” Nayak founded this team in order to have some fun and put their skills to the test in professional Valorant games.  

The team has another level of performance. Moreover,  BadmaN, Ezzyyy, and Godvexy are recent additions to the roster. 

The details of these new players are –

Team T69 Badman: 

He is a former player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He was the team’s IGL and undoubtedly one of India’s top Valorant IGL. 

It’ll be fascinating to watch Binks and BadmaN on the same team, considering these two players are among India’s finest IGLs.


Sameer “Godvexy” Sharma is a player from India. He is a former player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

This player is a great in the role of Sova/Initiator. With the T69 2.0 roster, he should be able to reclaim his position at the top.


Rishabh “Ezzy” Gupta is a player from India. He was a member of several successful Indian rosters, including S8ul and The Esports team. This youthful dualist main will undoubtedly boost the team’s firepower.

Earlier, the news came that S8ul Esports might pick a roster from Europe. However, they are now picking one of the best rosters of India.

In conclusion, Valorant has gained a huge audience in the Indian gaming industry. Also, the competition level has increased a lot. It will be amazing to watch teams competing in the upcoming events. Team T69 to S8ul’s Valorant roster will be great addition to organization like S8UL.

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