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Team Vitality Wins CODM India Challenge Season 2 

Team Vitality has become the crown champion of Nodwin Gaming’s CODM India Challenge Season 2. They defeated GodLike Esports in the finals.

It was one of the biggest CODM esports events in India this year, featuring a prize pool of 15 lakh INR. 

The tournament was open for all and had two main events – Season 1 and Season 2. 

Team Vitality Wins Against GodLike Esports

Team Vitality played so well that they won 3 consecutive games. Later, Godlike showed a comeback and the score came to 3-2. 

When it came to the final match, Vitality already had a lead of 3 points. However, Godlike took the to 3 overtime rounds. Still, with the amazing sniping and teamwork, Vitality won. 

The final score was 4-2.  

This Multiplayer event marks the conclusion of this event. CODM World Championship is an official event coming soon.

Moreover, both these teams have already secured their spot in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022. 

Before this, Godlike Esports has taken the title of Regional Champions 3 times in the World Championship. Their IGL, Jash ‘Learn’ Shah, was also nominated in the Esports Awards 2021 for ‘Mobile Esports Player of the Year’ category. 

Both Vitality and Godlike are the current best teams in India. They reached the finals, giving a tough fight to everyone else.

The grand finals featured the following teams –

  1. Team Vitality 
  2. Godlike Esports
  3. Revenant Esports 
  4. Enigma Gaming 
  5. Fenrir X Rebirth
  6. Team Astro
  7. Team Epsilon
  8. Team Lendhi

About the event by Nodwin :

Nodwin Gaming announced the CODM India Challenge in May 2022. It is one of the biggest esports events in India. 

Season 1 featured the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Mobile. GodLike Esports was crowned as the champion of this event. 

To sum up, Nodwin Gaming is hosting great events for esports in India. This event brought more opportunities for CODM players in India.  

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