Tencent and Sea Ltd. Come Forward to Support India in Covid Crisis

PUBG Mobile developer Tencent Games, and Sea Limited, who developed Free Fire, came forward to help our country. Tencent and Sea Ltd. stated that they would donate and support India to fight against Covid-19. 

The number of Covid infected patients in India is increasing day by day. The medical condition in India is very severe due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Tencent decided to come forward to contribute and support India during this challenging time. They announced it through the following tweet.

There is a shortage of oxygen supply for the covid patients. Thousands of patients have died due to unavailability of oxygen. Sea Ltd. is helping India with the oxygen supplies. The company mentioned in a tweet that they are donating 1000 cylinders of Oxygen.

The Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile last year in order to ensure national security. Tencent and Sea Ltd, both, are Chinese companies, and have been trying to maintain good relations with the Indian government.

Also, Krafton wants to launch PUBG Mobile India as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Krafton Inc. too came forward for help a few days back. Krafton donated Rs 1.5 crore to the PM Cares Fund. 

In conclusion, this is a kind gesture from Tencent and Sea Ltd. However, this may improve the bonding between these companies and the Indian Government.  

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