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PUBG Mobile: Tencent Partners With Haute Couture Fashion

PUBG Mobile announced their latest partnership. For the first time, PUBG Mobile has announced a collaboration with Haute Couture. In contrast, PUBG recently partnered with the famous Line Friends and Tesla. 

PUBG Mobile x Haute Couture:

Julien Fournie is one of the most exclusive and inventive Haute Couture fashion designers in the world. Moreover, for the first time, PUBG Mobile will collaborate with a fashion brand.

In addition, the partnership was announced during Paris Fashion Week. Haute Couture’s Julien Fournié teased more details of the in-game collaboration in the coming months.

Julien Fournie debuted his winter 2021/2022 collection on July 6th during Paris Fashion Week. This had an illustrated movie titled “First Squad,” which combined his lifelong love of superheroes and new technologies. 

Julien Fournié revealed his relationship with PUBG Mobile and Haute Couture fashion. Furthermore, he showed a teaser of the two legendary companies side by side.

Julien Fournié :

Julien Fournié is a French fashion designer who specialises in Haute Couture. Moreover he works on a style that emphasises exclusivity, authenticity, creativity, innovation, and traditional workmanship. 

They create customised, one-of-a-kind designs that appreciate the amazing beauty of French fashion, eschewing the new trends of ready-to-wear quick fashion.

Fournié said: “Working with PUBG MOBILE has been a dream come true for me. It was important to me not only that it was among the leading mobile games on the planet, but that millions of players from five continents explored another dimension together, faced challenges and developed together. 

This is what Haute Couture and PUBG MOBILE have in common: it encourages you to explore your dreams and allows you to learn from them to find your “Legend”. I look forward to seeing players see what we have produced for them!”

In conclusion, this partnership is amazing between fashion and the gaming world. PUBG Mobile has partnered with a fashion brand for the first time. Likewise, it would be an epic crossover.

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