PMWI Watchparty

Tencent Restricts PMWI 2022 Watchparty in India, China & Korea

PMWI Watchparty has been restricted by Tencent. Three countries – India, China and Korea will be unable to host watchparties for PMWI 2022.

PUBG Mobile World Invitational is one of the iconic events of 2022. Tencent is hosting this event with a huge prize pool worth $2,000,000. From the prize pool, Tencent announced some special titles like never before. 

Moreover, one of these titles include the “Best Watchparty” Award which is worth $75,000. Well, that’s a big amount. 

PMWI Watchparty

Streamers from different countries will host a PMWI Watchparty. They can host these watchparties on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, & Trovo via the official channels of their team. 

Fans in India were super excited to watch PMWI along with their favourite streamers. But Indian, Chinese and Korean influencers cannot participate in the “Best Watchparty” award.

The reason could be the serious situation around BGMI. The Indian govt. has banned BGMI. Back in 2020, they banned PUBG in the name of data sharing with China.

It has severely affected esports in India – an industry that just started reaching heights. Govt. has blocked even the PUBG Mobile websites in India.

Tencent may be restricting the watchparty in India since it is a matter of game’s future and esports in India. India has millions of players which brings a great revenue to Krafton.  

Therefore, they cannot take any step that could raise serious concerns.

PMWI 2022 Details :

Following are the details for the event –

  • Main Event : 11th to 13th August
  • Stream : PUBG Mobile Esports (YouTube)
  • Time : 4:30 pm IST

In contrast, the pictures from the venue have made it even more exciting. Tencent has made a fascinating stage in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. So the event will be worth watching.  

This time, all fans in India will have to watch the English stream. Maybe next time we may get Hindi casting if things go well.

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