The Esports Club to organise India's Biggest Valorant Tournament

The Esports Club to organise India’s Biggest Valorant Tournament

Valorant has become the most popular PC game in India. The Esports Club is hosting a tournament ‘Gauntlet’. This grand tournament is for Indian gamers.  

Right after the ban of PUBG Mobile, streamers started trying new games. Soon Valorant became one of the most loved games. Moreover, it has stepped into the esports world too.

‘The Esports Club’  is a Bangalore-based company. The company teased India’s biggest Valorant Championship – ‘Gauntlet’.

About The Esports Club’s Valorant Tournament:

The Esports Club has announced that the tournament would have the Highest Prize Pool and the Highest First Place Prize Pool. In addition, there is a Dedicated Amateur Qualifier Prize Pool and Individual Player Awards.

Image Credit: The Esports Club

The Gauntlet tournament will have a prize pool of 52 Lakh INR divided across four seasons. There will be 16 teams in the Season 1. In addition, it will include South Asia too.

For participating, you can register your team on TEC’s official website.

The prize pool is massive. There shall be a huge competition amongst gamers. Moreover such a grand tournament will be thrilling for the audience.

At present, Riot has organised its first official Valorant Tournament as ‘Valorant Champions Tour 2021’. However, this tournament isn’t related to the VCT 2021.

But, Riot has observed the increasing hype for the game in India. Riot will soon host many esports events for India.

In conclusion, the community is still to be built-up for esports. Certain Indian organisations have also hosted many local events for the game. There are many pro teams in the community that can dominate others at the International level.

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