Agent KAY/O

The New Agent KAY/O Finally Arrives

A major update will arrive in Valorant soon. Episode 2 is about to end, and Episode Act 1 will go live. The new update brings a new agent to the game – KAY/O.

During Episode 2 Act 3, many new maps came, but no new agents arrived. Valorant’s new agent is a robot with unique abilities. 

About Valorant’s New Agent KAY/O:

On June 22, the new Agent will be accessible in Valorant with the release of Episode 3, Act 1.

Agent KAY/O is an Initiator, which implies he has skill of entering areas and overcoming opposing defences. 

(Image Cr: Riot Games)

KAY/O has the ability to throw a special knife that prohibits foes in a small area from using their skills, which is known as suppressed.

His Ultimate includes something similar but radiates out from his body. Agent KAY/O’s Ultimate also gives him a Combat Stim when he uses it. 

In contrast,  if he dies during the Ultimate he’ll have the chance to be revived by a teammate.

According to Riot Games, the new Agent appears to be a robot designed solely for the aim of “neutralising radiants.” The following are some of KAY/O’s skills –

  • Zero/Point

Equip a blade of suppression. The blade clings to the first surface it strikes, winds up, and immobilises everyone inside the blast radius.

  • Frag/ment

Equip a fragment of explosive. Fire to throw it. The piece sticks to the floor and explodes several times, each time delivering near-lethal damage to the centre.

  • Flash/drive

Equip yourself with a flash grenade. After that, there is a brief fuse, the flash grenade explodes, blinding anyone in the line of sight.

When you right-click the flashbang, it fires a charged flash that only takes one second to cook, as compared to 1.6 seconds when you left-click.

  • NULL/cmd

Overloaded with polarised Radianite energy, empowering KAY/O and causing massive energy pulses to radiate from his location. Enemies who are hit by these pulses are rendered immobile.

Riot Games brings new agents with updates. Moreover, this is the first time they are adding a Robot The new agent shall make the game even more fun.

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