Pearl Event Pass

The Pearl Event Pass Will Feature DC Comics Crossover

According to ValorLeaks, Riot Games will add the Pearl Event Pass to celebrate the release of Valorant’s newest map, Pearl. The event pass will go by the name ‘Crossover.’

The event pass will feature multiple player cards with comic themes. Besides these player cards, the event pass will also feature a lot more rewards for all the players. Furthermore, the event pass will be completely free for all the players. However, players will have to play the game and earn XP to reach higher tiers and unlock new rewards. 

Crossover: The Pearl Event Pass

If you are a Valorant player and a comic book fan, you are in for a treat. The Event Pass of Pearl will feature a DC Comic Artwork featuring various Valorant agents. The event pass features a total of seven tiers. However, out of all the rewards, only three player cards have leaked so far. 

These player cards feature different Valorant agents with a comic theme, giving us a nostalgic vibe. Following are the three player cards.

Player Card No. 1:

The first player card has the title ‘THE VALORANT LEGION’ and features Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Cypher, and Killjoy. 

Image via ValorLeaks

Player Card No. 2:

The second player card has the title ‘KILLJOY AND RAZE VERSUS THE TENTACLED TERRORS.’ The player card shows Killjoy and Raze fighting a creature with tentacles.

Image via ValorLeaks

Player Card No. 3:

The third player card has the title ‘SHADOW WALKER OMEN’ and features Omen.

Image via ValorLeaks

Besides this, we speculate that the event pass will reward gun buddies, a new title, and some Radianite points. Furthermore, it will be exciting to see what more the event pass will bring for us. 

The Pearl Event Pass will release with the Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 update itself on the 23rd of June at 2:30 am IST. Furthermore, he update will be a major one, bringing a lot of changes to the game, including the new map ‘Pearl’, the new rank ‘Ascendant’, and much more. 

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