Deadshot Medal

Tips to get the Deadshot Medal in COD Mobile Battle Royale.

Players can use the Deadshot Medal in COD Mobile to complete some exclusive Battle Royale challenges. However, it is quite hard to get the Deadshot Medal.

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In this season, COD Mobile has added some Seasonal Challenges. Players can collect free cosmetics and blueprints for different weapons by completing these Seasonal Challenges.

Moreover, there is also an ongoing event where players can claim many different rewards for free. Players can earn all these rewards by completing the daily challenges and getting a high rank on the leaderboard.

However, players have to get some rare medals to complete the exclusive Battle Royale challenges. The Deadshot Medal is one of these rare medals. To get the Deadshot Medal, players have to kill at least five players with headshots.

This challenge would have been easy in other multiplayer modes. However, it is quite difficult in the Battle Royale mode. The Battle Royale mode has a huge map, and the fights usually take place at a longer range. Getting headshots at a longer range is not an easy task. Moreover, players have to grind hard to complete this challenge.

How to get Deadshot Medal in COD Mobile?

This article will list out some of the tips and tricks players can use to get five headshots. However, these tips and tricks will only help you complete the challenge; players must complete the challenge by themselves.

  1. Use Sniper Rifles in long-range fights

To land a headshot at a longer range, players can use Sniper Rifles. These sniper rifles are lethal to enemies, which will allow players to get an instant kill in one headshot. Moreover, these sniper rifles come with 6x or 8x scopes which allow players to hit a headshot.

  1. Crosshair Placement

To hit headshots in close-range fights, players can place their Crosshairs at a head level always. This placement will allow the players to hit headshots most of the time. Moreover, suppose a player has the Crosshair at head level, and an enemy pops in front of the player unexpectedly. In that case, the player will most probably hit the enemy on their head due to the Crosshair placement.

  1. Always kill bots with headshots.

If you find a bot while playing the game, kill them with a headshot. Bots are easy targets, and players can easily kill them with a headshot.

These are some tips and tricks which players can use to hit headshots more often. However, as we said earlier, players have to grind and complete the challenges by themselves. If players hit five headshots in BR mode, players will definitely get the Deadshot Medal in COD Mobile.

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