Top 5 best pets in free fire

Top 5 best pets in Free Fire to accompany your character.

There are a total of 13 Free Fire pets in the game. All these pets offer unique skills which help the main character while playing the game. 

Free Fire offers various in-game features, such as characters and pets, which makes the game unique from its competitors. Moreover, Garena Free Fire regularly adds new characters and pets to the game making it more interesting.

Here is the list of top 5 best pets

Top 5 best pets in Free Fire

1. Falco

Falco is a bird pet. Skyline Spree is the name of Falco’s ability. Falco increases the gliding speed of the team by 15% and diving speed after the parachute opens by 25% at the level one. However, as the level of the pet increases, the speed also increases.

This ability gives the team an upper hand in the battle. The players can land early as compared to others and pick up the guns. However, this pet is not appropriate in Clash Squad matches.

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2. Ottero

The name of Ottero’s ability is Double Blubber. This ability restores HP of the player using a treatment gun or medkit, the receiver will also gain some EP. Players will obtain 35% of HP recovered as well as EP at level one. However, the recovery rate is set at 65%, which means for every 100 HP recovered, players will gain 65 EP.

This pet is a good companion for players using A124 or K as it converts EP to HP quickly.

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3. Mr Waggor

Smooth Glue is the name of Mr Waggor’s ability. This ability allows the player to build a Gloo wall every 120 seconds at level one. However, as the level of the pet increases, the time to build Gloo walls decreases.

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4. Beaston

Helping Hands is the name of Beaston’s ability. This ability allows the players to boost the range of throwables including a grenade, Gloo Wall, flashbang, and smoke grenade. At level one, the range is boosted by 10%. However, as the level of the pet increases, the range is also increased. 

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5. Detective Panda

Panda’s blessing is the name of Detective Panda’s ability. This ability allows the players to regenerate some amount of HP after registering a kill. At level one, players get back 4 HP per kill. However, this is further increased to a maximum of 10 per kill.

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Selecting a pet which matches your playstyle and which is right for your favourite character is very crucial. However, it is completely the player’s personal preference. The character and the pet that matches your playstyle is best for you. Besides, this article lists out best pets based on the preference of the writer. 

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