BGMI rank push

Top 5 tips for BGMI rank push

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI rank push is a very tough task nowadays. Hundreds of thousands of people are grinding Battlegrounds Mobile India to push their ranks. This makes it one of the most challenging games for the rank push.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an enjoyable game when players play it casually with friends. However, when it comes to rank push, it becomes very challenging and frustrating. 

Moreover, after the release of BGMI for iOS today, all the players have already started to push their ranks. However, an increase in the number of players only makes rank push harder. Hence, in this article, we will mention our top 5 tips for the BGMI rank push.

Top 5 BGMI rank push tips

The following tips are according to the author’s experience. These tips might not compulsorily help you push rank, but they will surely make the journey easier. 

  1. Always warm-up before starting a match:

Before jumping into a classic match, players should always warm up. Warm-up recalls muscle memory. Moreover, it also improves your aim. Players can play Team DeathMatch or Arcades to warm up.

  1.  Master one weapon, but learn all:

It is always good to master one weapon. However, in a battle royale game, you never know which gun you will get. Hence, a player should always practice and learn all the guns. 

  1. Drop safe, avoid hot drops:

Hot drops are very risky. If a player drops at a hot drop and gets finished, the player will lose a lot of ratings. Hence, it is always advised to avoid hot drops while pushing rank.

  1. Communicate with your teammates:

It might sound like a cliché, but communication is a crucial aspect of gaming. Communication helps you and your teammates to stay updated and to know the enemy’s whereabouts. Moreover, it also helps to improve the coordination of the entire team. 

  1. Make a team and play with them: 

Make a team before you start to rank push. Never play solo vs. squad or random players. Synergy and trust are vital when playing squad matches. Moreover, a team always has good synergy when compared with random players.

These are some essential tips for BGMI rank push, and all players can follow these to push rank. It will help a lot. As BGMI has been released on the iOS platform, the competition for rank push will increase. 

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