TSM FTX Finally Announces their BGMI Roster

TSM FTX announced their BGMI Roster today. In contrast, BGIS is all set to start in August. TSM FTX has always been a strong team. This time, they are ready to showcase their talent once again.

Players and the audience waited for a very long time for BGMI esports. And now, finally it’s time to watch some thrilling matches. Our favourite esports team will compete in the later rounds of BGIS.

BGMI Roster:

TSM FTX announced their BGMI roster. It has the following players –

  1. Shadow
  2. Aquanox
  3. Blaze
  4. Ninja
(Image Cr: TSM FTX India)

Also, a few days back, they gave farewell to their old roster. It had the following players –

  1. Ghatak (Abhijeet Andhaare)
  2. Jonathan (Jonathan Amaral)
  3. Clutchgod (Vivek Abhas Horo)
  4. ZGod (Abhishek Choudhary)
  5. Neyoo (Suraj Majumdar)

These players have shown their overpowered performance in all the previous tournaments. They have dominated all the teams in India, as well as at the international level. 

In contrast, they (as TSM-Entity) were crowned as the champions of PMCO Fall Split 2019. After that they became famous and won many more events. At that time, they had Aman in their lineup, while Clutchgod was in Team Soul.

About TSM FTX:

TSM FTX is an esports organization based in the US. They have lineups for different games. Moreover, they have been working in Indian esports industry for a long time. Earlier, they have worked with Entity Gaming in India.

A few days back they also signed a Free Fire roster in India. They are executing their esports plans in various games in India.  

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) is Krafton’s first official tournament. There will be more such events in India. Various esports teams shall compete in the event.

Also, Krafton is ready to build a new esports environment with Indian partners.

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