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Two new weapons to come with COD Mobile Season 9

COD Mobile Season 9 is just around the corner. It will bring a ton of new content and rewards. In addition, COD Mobile will also add two new weapons to the Arsenal namely Thumper and Swordfish. 

With every new season, COD Mobile adds new weapons to the arsenal. The M13 assault rifle and R9-0 shotgun released with the Season 8. Likewise, earlier today, Activision announced both the games. 

COD Mobile Season 9 brings two new weapons 

COD Mobile announced the release of the two new weapons on their social media handles. The caption reads “2 NEW weapons in transit and arriving in the next season! Swordfish and Thumper. New season launching in #CODMobile next week!”

Activision originally introduced Thumper in COD Black Ops Cold War. However, it is also coming to COD Mobile with the 9th Season. Nonetheless, Thumber is said to be one of the most toxic weapons in COD Black Ops Cold War. 

Thumper is a grenade launcher with ironsight. However, it only allows players to shoot one grenade at a time. Players can simply open the ADS, and shoot the grenade on enemies with high accuracy.

Moreover, it has a magazine capacity of four grenades, but players can only shoot one grenade at a time. However, the exact stats of Thumper are not yet public. 

On the other hand, Swordfish is an assault rifle. It will fire in burst mode with a four bullet burst. As Swordfish is a new weapon, we do not have much information about it as of now. 

Both of these weapons will release in COD Mobile Season 9. One weapon will be added to the Free Battle pass, but we don’t know which one. So, the players will still have to wait for the further announcement.

COD Mobile never fails to surprise its fans with amazing rewards and surprises. With COD Mobile Season 9 on its way, players can expect many more surprises coming in the game after the release.

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