Ukraine Russia War

Ukraine Russia War : EA Stops Game Sale in Russia, Esports Too Affected

Ukraine Russia War is now affecting the gaming industry. EA, the popular video game company, stops its game sales in Russia and Belarus.  

Also, a lot of other Gaming companies are stopping their services in Russia. The war is affecting the esports scenario too.

EA on Ukraine Russia War 

Electronic Arts is stopping game and content sales, including the virtual currency bundles in Russia. EA wrote on Twitter –

“We continue to be shocked at the conflict that is unfolding in Ukraine, and join so many voices around the world in calling for peace and an end to the invasion. 

We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Our primary concern is the ongoing safety of those in the region, particularly colleagues and partners. We are seeking to understand how we might best help them further beyond our programs that are already in place.”

As a result, EA’s games and content will no longer be available for purchase in the Russian region. The EA app and in-game stores will also not sell any game content. 

However, the servers will be live for the people who already own these games.

Impact on Esports 

The Ukraine Russia War has its impact on the esports industry. Many event organisers have banned Russian esports teams from their tournaments. 

The most recent was by BLAST Premier. It is an international CS:GO tournament organiser. 


ESL banned all the Russian teams from all the Pro League events. Moreover, ESL events planned for the CIS region have been suspended. 

Twitch on Ukraine Russia War 

Live streaming giant Twitch took a severe action on the Russian creators. It has suspended payments to streamers from Russia citing US sanctions.

To sum up, the war conditions are highly influencing economic sectors and now it is changing the gaming industry. Russian esports teams can’t play events anymore. 

New game purchases are getting blocked. The situation will be normal only if the countries solve their issues. 

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