Valorant Champions 2021 Collection Bundle

Valorant Champions 2021 Collection Bundle and Die For You song

Riot Games have released a new skin bundle Champions 2021 Collection Bundle and a new song, “Die For You,” exclusively for Valorant Champions 2021.

Valorant Champions Berlin is one of the most awaited events of 2021, and it begins on the 1st of December. Sixteen teams from different regions will fight for the prize pool of $1 million. In addition, the Champions would receive a whopping amount of $350,000.

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Riot Games releases a new theme song for Valorant Champions 2021 

Riot Games released a new theme song, “Die For You” by Grabbitz for Champions 2021. The video of the theme song shows Valorant lore content featuring agents from Valorant. Moreover, fans are impressed by the theme song and the lore content. 

Riot Games announced Champions 2021 Collection Bundle

Riot Games announced a new exclusive skin bundle for the Champions 2021 by the name Champions 2021 Collection Bundle. The skin bundle includes the following items.

  • A Vandal skin
  • Karambit- Melee Weapon
  • Inspiration- Sage Card
  • Unbreakable- Brimstone Card
  • Out of Greatness- Phoenix Card
  • Champion- Title 

The Vandal skin has “CHAMPIONS” printed over it. Also, both the skin has the VCT symbol printed on them. Moreover, both the weapon skins are upgradeable using the Radianite coins. The upgraded skins activate the Champions Aura, a yellow-colored Aura that glows when the player has the highest kills.

On Vandal, the “CHAMPIONS” print starts to glow when Aura is active. However, the reload and equipment animations are the same as bare skin even after the upgrade. The level 2 variant of the gun unlocks the VCT symbol muzzle flash. On the other hand, the inspection of the gun is coupled with the Die For You music. 

The Karambit brings new animations to the melee weapon. After the upgrade, level 2 of the skin unlocks a golden glow during inspection and attack. Moreover, level 3 unlocks the Champions Aura. 

Both the weapons in the bundle have the same finish animations. After the final kill, a substantial electrifying VCT symbol appears with Die For You music playing. However, if we inspect the weapon during the Finisher, the VCT symbol starts to glow. Most interestingly, when we get closer to the Finisher, the sky goes red, and Brimstone appears while holding the rock from the music video. 

The Champions 2021 Collection Bundle will be available to all users from the 24th of November to the 12th of December. Moreover, these skins are exclusive to the Valorant Champions 2021 and won’t return to the game again.

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