VALORANT Champions 2022 Loud

LOUD emerges as the champions of VALORANT Champions 2022

LOUD defeated OpTic Gaming in the Grand Finals to become the VALORANT Champions of 2022. 

The Brazilian team, LOUD, showed an exceptional performance and defeated the North American team, OpTic Gaming. The Grand Finals was the third encounter of these teams in their VCT Journey. The best-of-five match came to a conclusion with a scoreline of LOUD 3-1 OpTic Gaming.

VALORANT Champions 2022 Grand Finals Recap

Map Veto


Pick- Ascent and Breeze

Ban- Pearl and Fracture

OpTic Gaming: 

Pick- Bind and Haven

Ban- NA

Being the winner of the upper final, LOUD had the right to ban two maps. As a result, they banned the two maps they lost to OpTic in the group stage, Pearl and Fracture.

Map 1: Ascent

OpTic Gaming had a good start in Ascent, and the first half ended with a score line of OG – LOUD. However, LOUD made a comeback in the second half, leading the game to two overtimes. In the end, LOUD won Ascent with a scoreline of 15-13.

Map 2: Bind

In Bind, OpTic Gaming showed an impressive performance throughout the game. In the first half, OpTic Gaming managed to secure 10 rounds, whereas LOUD only secured two. OpTic Gaming showed consistency in the second half and won the map with a scoreline of 13-6.

Map 3: Breeze

Breeze was one of the toughest maps for both teams. On both sides, both teams secured 6 rounds, leading to overtime. LOUD won the game after three overtimes with a scoreline of 16-14.

Map 4: Haven

LOUD showed great consistency on both sides of Haven. The first half ended with a scoreline of LOUD 7-5 OG. In the second half, LOUD did not lose a single round and won the map with a 13-5 scoreline.

Although both the teams played incredibly well, only one team could be the winner. LOUD showed amazing teamwork, discipline, and good aim throughout the VALORANT Champions 2022. 

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