Valorant Champions Berlin

Valorant Champions Berlin : Teams, Schedule, Format

Valorant Champions Berlin, one of the most awaited events of 2021, begins on December 1. Certainly, fans are looking forward to the final stage of the Valorant Champions Tour to find out who will be honoured as World Champion.

Subsequently, sixteen teams from different regions will fight for the prize pool of $1 Million. In addition, the Champions would receive the lion’s share, that is $350,000.

Valorant Champions Berlin 

Likewise, Valorant Champions Berlin is a LAN event in Berlin, Germany. However, there won’t be any audience at the venue. The best teams across the world have made all their way to this tournament. 

Group Stage: 

The Group Stage League kicks off very soon, on December 1 with the top 16 teams. Four teams in each group will compete in a double-elimination format. Moreover, all matches are Bo3.

Furthermore, the top 2 teams from each group advance to the Playoffs. 

Matches –

  1. Opening Matches 
  2. Winners’ Match
  3. Elimination Match
  4. Decider Match


The best 8 teams will fight in a single-elimination bracket. Therefore, it’s a ‘do or die’ situation for them. These playoffs start on December 8, 2021. 

After that, the Grand Finals will take place on December 12, to crown the World Champions. Also, all matches are Bo3 except the Grand Finals which are Bo5.

Teams in Valorant Champions Berlin :

The teams competing in the League Stage are in the following groups –

AcendSentinels Gambit EsportsVision Strikers
Team EnvyKRÜ EsportsTeam VikingsFnatic
X10 CRITTeam LiquidTeam Secret
Keyd StarsFURIA EsportsCrazy RaccoonCloud9 Blue

In contrast, there’s one noticeable thing about these groups. Riot Games arranged these teams in such a way that no team from the same region were in the same group. 

As a result, it makes the competition fair and ensures that every region’s participation. Fans can watch the event live on the official YouTube and Twitch Channels of VCT. Also, they can cheer for their favourite teams in the Watch Parties of streamers. 

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