Valorant Champions Tour 2022

Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Schedule, Format, and Timeline

The Valorant Champions 2021 ended earlier this year, and Riot Games has already revealed details about Valorant Champions Tour 2022. Moreover, they have also introduced some new changes for 2022.

Valorant Champions Tour 2022 will feature national leagues, the offseason events, some changes in Challengers format, and more.

Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Everything We Know So Far 

Seeing the success of VCT 2021, VCT 2022 will be similar to it with some minor changes. 

This year, instead of three Challengers and Masters events before the Champions event in December, there will be only two stages before the Champions event, which will take place in September. The third-party organisers will run “offseason series and events” during the last months of the year.

Riot Games has also planned to expand the Game Changers event in VCT 2022. However, the format will be the same as 2021, with three series featuring an open qualifier and a double-elimination bracket.

VCT 2022 Schedule 

Riot Games has not yet revealed the complete schedule of VCT 2022, and we still might have to wait for it. However, following is the revealed schedule so far.

VCT 2022 Stage 1:

  • NA Challengers Open Qualifier – 27 January to 30 January
  • NA Challengers Main Event – 11 February to 27 March
  • BR Challengers Main Event – 12 February to 27 March

VCT 2022 Stage 2: 

  • NA Challengers Open Qualifier – 5 May to 8 May
  • NA Challengers Closed Qualifier and Main Event – 13 May to 26 June
  • Valorant Masters 2 – in July

Last Chance Qualifier

  • NA Last Chance Qualifier – in August

Valorant Champions

  • Valorant Champions – in September

New Tournament Circuit and Game Changers

  • New Tournament Circuit – October and November
  • Game Changers – November and December 
Image Via Riot Games

Whalen Rozelle, Riot Games’ head of Esports operations, said, “In 2022, we’re going to double down on our efforts by launching a new global tournament that will feature the best teams from Game Changers programs around the world.”

Further, he added, “This event will bring the best teams together into a single, massive competition for the first time. We’re thrilled to take this next step to grow VALORANT into the social experience our players deserve.”

VCT 2021 was a massive success, where team Ascend emerged as the champions of Valorant 2021. All the fans and players are excited about the Valorant Champions Tour 2022. Moreover, it will be exciting to see whether Ascend will keep their crown or another team will take it from them. 

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