Valorant Champions Tour 2023

Riot Games Announced Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Full Schedule

Riot Games has announced the complete schedule of the Valorous Champions Tour 2023. The Valorant 2023 Esports, scheduled to start early next year, will include some new leagues and familiar tournaments.

Valorant Champions Tour 2023 International Leagues and Events

Riot Games will start Valorant 2023 Esports with the VCT Kickoff Tournament, which will be held in São Paulo, Brazil in February. This tournament will be three-week long and feature 30 partnered teams. Furthermore, the winner of the VCT Kickoff Tournament will earn a slot for themselves in the VCT Masters, which will be held in July 2023. 

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After the VCT Kickoff Tournament, three international leagues will start in March and compete for eight weeks before the conclusion in May, one month before the VCT Masters in June. 

The top teams from each international league will compete in the only Masters tournament in 2023. Further, the champions of this competition will automatically qualify for the Champions event, which will take place in August. The offseason will start in October after Champions, just like it did this year, which will end in mid-September. Through the July last-chance qualifications, teams can secure a spot at Champions.

Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Challengers

The teams that do not have a partnership with Riot Games will get a chance to qualify for the Valorant 2023 Esports through the VCT Challengers. The Challengers is will take place in three events, i.e., Challengers Split 1, Challengers Split 2, and Ascension Tournament. 

Challengers Split 1 will start in January and end in March 2023. The Challengers Split 2 will begin shortly after Split 1 in March and end in June 2023. The final tournament of Challengers, the Ascension Tournament, will start in June and end in August 2023. Further, the Ascension tournament champions in 2023 will be eligible to play in their respective international competitions in 2024.

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 roadmap and schedule has the entire community all hyped up. All the fans are excited for the CT Kickoff Tournament. Furthermore, it will be exciting to see which teams have partnered with Riot Games and which teams will play the Challengers.

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