Valorant Champions Tour 2021

Valorant Champions Tour 2021: The Top Teams Competing at Stage 2

Riot Games organised their first official Valorant tournament. Riot announced the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 on November 24, 2020 with a blog post. 

About Valorant Champions Tour:

The Valorant Champions Tour finals will start on May 24, 2021. It is a world championship. The top teams who qualified from different regions shall compete in the tournament. The tournament will conclude on May 30, 2021.

At present, 10 teams are competing at Stage 2. The 10-team field for VCT Stage 2: Masters Reykjavik has been finalised. Moreover, the final squad has qualified for the event after two months of determining the ten best VALORANT teams from each of the regions.

The biggest Valorant event in the history of esports is Masters Reykjavik. It is the first international tournament, as well as the first one to be held on a LAN. Until now, Valorant fans had to watch regional tournaments and listen to endless debates about which region was the best.

Valorant Champions Tour Teams:

The 10 teams who have qualified for the event are –

NA – Sentinels

This North American team is very strong and aggressive. Recently, a player ‘TenZ’ joined the team on loan. He was earlier in the Cloud9 Blue roster. The Sentinels are one of the best teams in North America.    

NA – Version1

Version1 Valorant roster formed in February 2021. Earlier, they had only a CS:GO roster. After that, they officially invited players to join their organisation.

The team started getting attention due to their good gameplay in recent times. 

EU – Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the best teams and could probably win. They are arguably the ‘front-runners’ of the tournament. 

Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen is one of the best Reyna players in the world, capable of dominating entire games on his own. This is a star-studded squad that plays VALORANT in a strategic manner, and they’re ready to win another tactical shooters’ title for the EU. Liquid are arguably the front-runners for the entire tournament. 

EU- Fnatic

Fnatic has always been at the top. Their gameplay is at another level. They have Boaster, Doma, Mistic, Derke and Magnum in their line-up. 

Meanwhile, Derke and Magnum have recently joined Fnatic. They have been excellent performers. 

KR – NUTURN Gaming

NUTURN roster came in January. But in the KR Challengers Finals semifinals and finals, they defeated VS and DWG KIA without even losing a single map.

It’s uncertain how they’ll fare on the international stage, but VALORANT supporters would be foolish to dismiss them. The rest of the world was expecting Vision Strikers to take this spot, but NUTURN’s use of Astra forced VS to quit.

BR – Team Vikings 

This is the best team of Brazil. In the BR Challengers Finals, they beat fellow BR qualifier Sharks Esports 3-1. Team Vikings is capable of achieving a lot in the tournament.

BR – Sharks Esports

Team Vikings defeated them so now they would head towards Masters Two. Sharks Esports is an underdog team. They may perform well in upcoming matches.

LATAM – KRÜ Esports

KRU isn’t so famous but they only lost two maps in the Challengers Finals against Infinity Esports, winning 3-1. Their roster has Chilean and Argentenian players. Brazilean players could have also been with them but they got a separate roster in their region.

JP – Crazy Raccoon

With the increasing hype of Valorant, the team has performed well. They are the best team in Japan. They are the regional champions. It will be great to see what they can do in the world championship.

SEA – X10 Esports

X10’s all-Thai lineup is another unknown foreign name. Domestically, they’ve been dominant once again, as have all of these clubs. It’s difficult to see them competing well against regions with better infrastructure and a larger talent pool. However, anything is possible in the new esports scenario.

In conclusion, Valorant Champions Tour 2021 is exciting to watch. Riot will organise more such tournaments in future. Valorant has become an important part of PC esports. Also, it has gained a huge audience that loves watching it. 

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