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Chinese Teams to Get a Chance to Compete in Valorant Champions 

Chinese teams will get a chance to compete in Valorant Champions this year. For the first time, Chinese teams will compete in an official Valorant event. 

Until now, Chinese teams did not get a chance to showcase their skills at any official Valorant event. However, it will change this time, and Chinese teams will have to compete in East Asia Last Chance Qualifiers to qualify for the main event of the year.

Roadmap For Chinese Team In Valorant Champions

Before the main Valorant event of the year, Champions, the teams from each region that did not make it to the Champions have the opportunity to qualify through Last Chance Qualifiers of their respective region. These qualifiers allow one more team from each region to join other teams in the Champions.

In the East Asia Last Chance Qualifiers, three top teams from South Korea and three from Japan will fight against the two top teams of China for a slot in the Champions. Chinese teams will have to beat a total of six teams from South Korea and Japan to get slots in the Valorant event of the year. Furthermore, if the Chinese teams fail to defeat South Korean and Japanese teams in East Asia LCQ, we won’t get to see Chinese teams competing in the Champions. 

Unlike other major regions, the teams from China will not qualify through VCT but through a third-party championship. This championship will not be organized, franchised, or sponsored by Riot Games, but it will still be considered in the roadmap of Valorant Champions. Although Riot Games has franchised championships in a few regions like South Asia and South-East Asia, we do not know whether they will franchise championships in China. 

China has a good track record in the Esports and Gaming industry. However, only time will tell whether we will get to see them play Valorant Champions. However, if they qualify, it would be interesting to see how they manage to compete against such experienced teams. For more news and updates, follow us on Instagram and stay tuned to our website.

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