Valorant Episode 5 Dimension

The Cinematic Poster of Valorant Episode 5 Dimension Possibly Teases a New Agent

Riot Games recently tweeted a cinematic poster of Valorant Episode 5 Dimension on the official Twitter handle of Valorant. The poster features Viper, Killjoy, Reyna, Neon, and one Enforcer soldier, along with eight Mecha soldiers. The Enforcer soldier from the poster could be a potential hint at the upcoming Valorant agent. 

Valorant Episode 5 is just around the corner, and it will bring a lot of new changes to the game. The update will bring the addition of the map ‘Pearl’, a new rank ‘Ascendant’, and the removal of the split. For the details on the Valorant Patch 5.0, read the following article: Valorant Patch 5.0 to Bring Pearl, a New Rank, and Remove Split.

Valorant Episode 5 Dimension Cinematic Poster 

As mentioned above, the cinematic poster features four agents: Viper, Killjoy, Reyna, and Neon. Riot has featured a teleporter in the background of the image, which seems to be an Alpha-Omega Earth bridge. Moreover, right in front of the teleporter appears eight mecha soldiers led by an enforcer soldier with a red mask. 

In addition, a symbol is visible on the left shoulder of every soldier’s suit. This symbol is similar to the symbol that is visible in various locations on Pearl. We speculate that the enforcer soldier is a hint toward the upcoming Valorant agent. 

In an email sent by Reyna to Brimstone, which we can read in the Brimstone’s office in the training grounds, she talks about some soldiers and a garden. We speculate that she was talking about the same soldiers we see in the poster, whereas the garden could be the new map, Pearl. 

All the teasers and trailers have created massive hype in the community. Furthermore, Riot Games will release a Cinematic on the lore of Episode 5, which will be released on the 20th of June at 8:24 pm IST. You can watch the cinematic on the official YouTube channel of Valorant

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