Valorant Patch 5.04

Riot Games Resumes Competitive Queue After Fixing the Valorant Flash Exploit

Riot Games had to disable the competitive queue due to the Valorant flash exploit. However, they have fixed the issue and resumed Valorant competitive queue.

The flash exploit allowed the players to turn off the flash effect of any agent from the in-game settings menu. As soon as the exploit surfaced over the internet, it gained a lot of attention within a matter of hours. A lot of players started to use this exploit to their benefit. As a result, Riot Games had to disable the competitive queue to maintain fair play and rank in the competitive games. 

Within six hours of disabling the competitive queue, the developers of the game fixed the exploit and resumed it. 

Zellsis Discovered and Explained the Valorant Flash Exploit

Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, a professional Valorant player for Sentinels, discovered this exploit and brought it to the public’s attention by posting a video.

As soon as he posted the video on Twitter, the exploit got a lot of traction, and players started to use it. 

Zellsis explained that to activate the exploit, users had to open the in-game general settings menu, scroll down to the ‘Other’ category, and activate the “Hide User Interface In Game” option. 

When this option is enabled, the entire game interface, including the agent icons, health indicator, abilities panel, and the mini-map, is hidden. Along with these, the settings nullified the flashes of any agent. 

Riot Games has fixed the exploit and players will get experience the flash effect irrespective of whether the “Hide User Interface In Game” option is on or off. However, they did not reveal for how long the bug was available for players to exploit in the game was not disclosed by Riot Games.

Like always, Riot fixed the Valorant Flash exploit as soon as they became aware of it. This shows how serious the company is regarding fair gameplay. 

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