Riot brings New Valorant Game Mode Replication

Riot always brings new game modes and maps with every update. Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 started a few weeks back. Riot will soon add the new Valorant game mode Replication.

Yesterday, Riot Games tweeted about this new mode on their official twitter handle –

New Valorant Game Mode Replication:

Given the name of the game mode, it’s fair to presume that the agents’ skills will be multiplied in the game. For example, agents using Smokes can be repeated several times to cover the entire areas of maps. This would outplay the enemy team.

A site on Breeze and 11 Brimstone smokes cover the area in this short teaser. Brimstone’s powers mask the whole web, so these are clearly more smokes than he would normally use.

(image cr:- RIot Games)

The Breeze map came recently. And the new Valorant game mode Replication is added to it. However, Riot did not confirm if the new game mode Replication would be available on other maps or not.

Riot has yet to announce the exact features of the new Valorant game mode Replication, as well as its release date. Riot will most likely make an announcement about this in the coming weeks.
In conclusion, Riot Games always keep on experimenting and developing new game modes and maps. This new mode seems interesting. In addition, they are developing Valorant Mobile too.

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