Valorant Masters Berlin Starts Today

Valorant Masters Berlin Starts Today; here’s Everything You Need To Know

Valorant Masters Berlin starts today, on the 10th of September. It will run for ten days, starting from the 10th of September and ending on the 19th of September. 

Valorant Masters Berlin is the third and the last major tournament before the Global Finale, Valorant Champions 2021. A total of 15 teams will fight against each other for circuit points, prizes, and qualifications into the Valorant Champions 2021. 

Valorant Masters Berlin schedule 

A total of 15 teams will play the Masters Berlin. These teams earned their spots through the seven regional challenger qualifiers worldwide. These seven regions are

The group stage of this tournament will start on the 10th of September, and it will commence on the 16th of September. Later, the knockout stage will begin on the 16th of September, and it will end on the 19th of September. 

All the matches will be played in the best of three formats, except the final, which will be a best of five. 

Group distribution and match schedule 

All 15 teams are sorted into four groups, three groups include four teams, and one group consists of three teams. 

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Two teams will eliminate from each group, and two teams will advance to the single-elimination bracket, leading the teams to the finals. 

Group Distribution

Group A: 

  • Vision Strikers
  • Paper Rex
  • Supermassive Blaze
  • Acend

Group B:

  • Vivo Keyd
  • Team Envy
  • KRÜ
  • Zeta Division

Group D:

  • Gambit
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • 100 Thieves
  • Havan Liberty

Group D:

  • G2
  • F4Q
  • Sentinels

Group stage match schedule: 

The 10th of September

6.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match A2 – SuperMassive Blaze vs Acend

9.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match D1 – G2 Esports vs F4Q

12.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match C2 – 100 Thieves vs Havan Liberty

The 11th of September

6.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match A1 – Vision Strikers vs Paper Rex

9.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match C1 – Gambit Esports vs Crazzy Raccoon

12.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match B1 – Keyd Stars vs Team Envy

The 12th of September

6.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match B2 – KRÜ Esports vs ZETA DIVISION

9.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match D2 – Sentinels vs G2 Esports

12.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match C3 – Winners of C1 vs C2

The 13th of September

6.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match B3 – Winners of B1 vs B2

9.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match A3 – Winners of A1 vs A2

12.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match D3 – F4Q vs Sentinels

The 14th of September

6.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match D4 – F4Q vs G2 Esports

9.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match B4 – Losers of B1 vs B2

12.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match C4 – Losers of C1 vs C2

The 15th of September

6.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match A4 – Losers of A1 vs A2

9.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match D5 – G2 Esports vs Sentinels

12.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match B5 – Loser of B3 vs Winner of B4

The 16th of September

6.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match A5 – Loser of A3 vs Winner A4

9.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match C5 – Loser of C3 vs Winner of C4

12.00 (Pacific Time Zone): Match D6 – Sentinels vs F4Q

Due to Visa issues, Bren Esports were not able to reach Valorant Masters Berlin at the time. Hence, group D only has three teams rather than four. 

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