Valorant might get a Fracture rework soon

According to Joe Lansford, Valorant’s level designer, we might get to see a Fracture rework soon. The rework will focus on the quality of life changes across the map. 

Riot Games released Fracture on the 8th of September 2021, approximately a year ago. Since then, the map has received changes twice. Riot Games is planning to make more changes to the map in future updates. 

Fracture rework highlights

In a TikTok posted on the 25th of August, Joe Lansford said, “We’re working on a couple of changes right now. The high-level theme is some general quality of life changes across the map, and hopefully, make the A site more defensible.” 

Defending the A site of Fracture, either while defending or playing post-plant, is a challenging task as it has multiple entry points. As a result, the developers are planning to modify the site to make it more defensible. 

Image via George Sokol – Valorant’s Lead Environment Artist

Later, in the TikTok video, Joe Lansford also mentioned making some changes near the ‘A Dish’ area, to make the area “more useable for attack and defense.” In the current state, the ‘A Dish’ area is tough to control for attackers as there is a lack of cover to fall back. On the other hand, defenders can aggressively take control of the area as they have ample cover to fall back. 

In addition to discussing the Fracture rework, Joe Lansford also gave a brief explanation of the design and concepts that went into making Fracture. If you have played VALORANT, you have an idea how Fracture’s spawn and site arrangement is different from other maps. Joe precisely explained the objectives of the designing team while creating the map.

He said, “For Fracture, we wanted to flip neutral space on its head.” Further, he added, “Neutral space is the territory between each team’s half of the map. Generally, the onus is on the attackers… but the pressure is on defenders to push out and take space.”

In the current state, Fracture is an attack-oriented map with multiple entry points on each site. However, the Fracture rework might balance out the advantages to both sides. It will be interesting to see what changes we get to see. 

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