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Valorant Mobile Leaked Gameplay Video Gives us a Brief Look

A brief gameplay of Valorant Mobile has leaked over the internet, showing us a glimpse of the game. The video shows the loading screen, agent selection menu, match loading screen, game tutorial, and the HUD layout.

A couple of days back, some leaked screenshots of Valorant mobile version were posted on Twitter by some users. These screenshots revealed the loading screen, homescreen, agent selection menu, and gameplay screen. Moreover, these screenshots were the first reliable leaks of the game. However, the leaked video tells us a lot of things about the game.

Valorant Mobile Leaked Gameplay Video

DannyINTEL posted the 21 second long leaked video on Youtube and tweeted it on Twitter. The gameplay video features brief gameplay by Jett on the Ascent map. The video also shows the usage of the signature ability of Jett, Tailwind. Furthermore, it shows the player shooting at the enemy Omen with the classic pistol at the end of the video. 

Jett’s Cloudburst ability has three charges, and the ult requires three charges to activate, which is an important detail to note in this video. In the PC version of the game, Jett’s Cloudburst ability had three charges, and the ultimate ability required six charges to activate. However, Riot Games reduced this to two charges of Cloudburst and seven charges to activate Bladestorm in September 2021.

On the other hand, we can see that the game features seven agents: Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Breach, Sova, Skye, and Killjoy. 

As per the leaked gameplay, we believe the Valorant Mobile version and the PC version of the game have the same mechanics. Moreover, we believe all the agents will have the same abilities as the PC version. 

Valorant Mobile does not disappoint the fans, and it seems quite good as expected. However, we do not have any clue when the game will release in other regions. We can expect Riot Games to make an announcement about the game soon.

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