Valorant Modes in Future

VALORANT MODE: With Every Patch Cycle, Riot shall rotate the Replication, Escalation, and Snowball Fight Modes

Riot added the new Valorant mode Replication recently. They said that Replication mode will live until May 25, 2021. Gamers loved this mode. Now onwards, Riot shall rotate 3 game modes with every patch.

Ms Lisa Ohanian is the senior producer of the Valorant game modes team. She announced this through a blog post. Riot Games will rotate the Replication, Escalation, and Snowball Fight Modes with every new patch.

This rotation begins on May 26, 2021 along with their patch – Cadence.

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Reason for Modes’ Rotation:

Ms Lisa added, the audience might be wondering why we don’t have all of the game modes available at the same time. 

The reason is, having so many modes open at once dilutes the queues for all of them.Moreover it takes longer to find a match (or at least a suitable match) in all of them.

Instead of making all modes difficult, Riot decided to focus on a few. Riot  makes sure that gamers can find them easily and with good matchmaking.

Valorant Modes in Future:

Riot will continue in this manner for a few cycles. After that, they will reconsider their long-term strategy. 

They have some suggestions and strategies. But, the company wants feedback from the audience. Riot ensures gamers to plan and work accordingly.

At present, which game mode will be available for the next two weeks is not announced. So, Riot says to keep an eye on the patch notes to find out.

The new game modes will become available very soon. Updates shall be posted on the official VALORANT channels.
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