Valorant New Agent Neon

Valorant New Agent Neon : Everything You Need to Know

Valorant New Agent Neon is finally coming in the upcoming update. The very first look of the new agent ‘Neon’ got leaked on 31 December.

The Valorant Prime Gaming loot page had the image of this agent. However, Riot did not announce it earlier and the image wasn’t supposed to be there.

After the image leak, the page removed the image and Riot officially shared the very first look of the Filipino Agent. 

Release Date for Valorant New Agent

Riot always brings new agents with New episodes or patches. The Episode 3 Act 3 ends on 11 January 2022. 

Therefore, Neon will come along with Episode 4 Act 1 on January 12, 2022. 

Valorant New Agent Neon

When data miners found some information, Valorant New Agent Neon had a codename ’Sprinter ’. A few months back there were some leaks but Chamber’s release covered-up the news.

Valorant Champions promo showcased a teaser on Neon. 

It said, “I will show them if I want to. Enemies in our way? I hope they like getting hit by lightning.” 

Abilities of new agent neon:

Neon is likely to be a duelist. Even after the official announcement, Riot is yet to reveal all the abilities and powers of the agent.

However, the leaks suggest that she will likely have an electricity-based kit. Also, one of the leaked images shows lightning in her shoes. Therefore, she could have very high speed. Her code name too, suggests this.

Rumours say that Neon will be the fastest agent in the game. She could help her teammates and also be self-sufficient during fights. The way she affects esports matches will be interesting to watch.

In conclusion, it will be interesting to know how Neon changes the game. Riot Games will reveal more details like abilities very soon.

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