Valorant New Agent from India

Valorant New Agent Will Be From India : Hints Riot 

Valorant New Agent is joining the lineup very soon, as Riot finally hints about their new addition. The image revealed says that this new Agent will be from India. 

Valorant features a lot of diverse characters with unique abilities. Moreover, each character belongs to a particular country and has its own background story. 

All these characters make the game even more special with their look as well as the way they speak. Their powers are always a game changer. 

All the Valorant fans from India have been waiting for this agent for a long time. News surfaced earlier that Riot will soon add an Indian agent. However, there were no official announcements or leaks. 

Valorant New Agent Leaks :

Recently, Riot teased an image which consists of an area near the sea. Moreover, it features “Gateway of India”, a cup of tea and a Natraj Pencil. 

The image has the caption – “Jald hi milte hain,” which means “see you soon” in Hindi. The image’s filename is “Samosa Chaat” which is a famous North Indian street food. 

Image Via Riot Games

Therefore, it is now confirmed that the next agent belongs to India. 

About the Agent :

One of the senior character producers of Riot Dev Team, Mr John Goscicki wrote, “We have seen that Controllers are in a bit of a drought.” This tells that the next agent will be a controller. 

The last controller which Riot brought was Astra. Since then, only Sentinels and Duelists joined (Neon, Fade are the recent ones).  

The new Valorant agent will be the 21st character in the game. Its codename is possibly ‘Mage’, whose abilities were leaked recently. Some sources suggest that the character’s name will be “Varun Batra.”

To sum up, the next Valorant agent will be super exciting. Its abilities and dialogues are something we all are waiting for. Riot will reveal more details very soon!
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