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Riot Games teases Valorant New Map and New Agent

On the 21 of June, Riot Games released Valorant’s Year One Anthem teasing Valorant new map and new agent. The Anthem is four minutes long and teases a lot about the game’s future. Moreover, the anthem teases towards a possible new map named WATCH and a new agent.

The agent teased in the anthem is not Kay/O as Riot Games has revealed Kayo/O completely. Besides, the agent in the anthem is a new agent who might be releasing in the upcoming Acts of Episode 3.

Valorant New Map

The One Year Anthem of Valorant has a lot of things to uncover. This includes a teaser of a possible new map and a new Valorant agent. The anthem begins with “WATCH,” appearing in large red letters over what seems to be a cliffside research centre. Moreover, there seems to be a reactor-type thing emitting blue light in the middle of the terrain. As Cynprel pointed out in a tweet, the image of a possible new map correlates with the teaser in the battlepass.

Moreover, the “Testing Ground” player card in the battle pass of Episode 3 Act1 looks somewhat similar to the start of the cinematic. This could mean that the new VALORANT map may be based on a ruined city destroyed by some energy source.

Valorant New Agent

A teaser for a possible agent seems way too soon, considering that Riot Games just confirmed KAY/O. However, it seems that developers are not leaving a single chance to tease the upcoming updates. At the end of the cinematic, there are some flashes of a shadow figure with golden colour. The character wears a vest and tie. Moreover, he has slicked-back hair and glasses. He also has what seems to be tribal markings down his neck and arms.

It will be fascinating to see what Episode 3 brings for us. Besides, just from the initial teasers of possible new map and agent, all the fans are thrilled. However, Riot Games has not confirmed anything regarding the new agent or the map. All of these are speculations made by fans based on the One Year Anthem.

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