Valorant Origin skin bundle

Valorant Origin skin bundle and New weapon prices leaked

The data miners of Valorant have revealed the Origin skin bundle and the possible weapon price changes coming with Episode 3 Act 1. The name of the skin bundle is Origin. Moreover, this skin bundle includes Vandal, Operator, Bucky, Frenzy, and Melee skin. 

With every Act, the Valorant developers release new weapon skin bundles. As the latest update with Episode 3 Act 1 is around the corner, the details of the upcoming update are leaking already. 

The premium content art lead Sean Marino and senior producer Preeti Khanolkar talked about the upcoming Origin bundle in an interview with YouTuber DiegoteTV. They discussed how the Origin skin bundle combines opposite themes of sci-fi and ancient craftsmanship. 

Sean Marino said, “If someone from 100 years ago were to see an iPhone in their world, they would think it’s just straight magic. We wanted to have this gun feel like it was magical, but it really is just really advanced technology.”

Valorant Origin skin bundle

The Origin skin bundle combine opposite themes of sci-fi and ancient craftsmanship. The skins have carvings embedded into the design, which seem to come alive as you upgrade them. Moreover, when it is upgraded to level three, the gun deconstructs, and the carvings hover in the air. However, all guns have similar animation. 

The developers have implemented a new design with the Origin Melee. The Origin Melee is a fist blade. However, the look of the fist blade looks unique. Besides, the animations are similar to Oni Claw and Ion Claw. 

The finisher for the Valorant Origin skin bundle seems like it harnesses advanced technology and sucks the opponent into another dimension. 

Moreover, each weapon in the Origin bundle will have four options: black, green, red, and white.

Besides the skin bundle, the price of weapons is also going to have a massive change. Here is the complete list of the price changes. 

  • Frenzy : 500 >>> 450
  • Stinger : 1100 >>> 950
  • Bucky: 900 >>> 850
  • Judge: 1600 >>> 1850
  • Bulldog: 2100 >>> 2050
  • Guardian: 2400 >>> 2250
  • Marshall: 1000 >>> 950
  • Operator: 5000 >>> 4700
  • Ares: 1600 >>> 1550

The new Origin skin bundle looks beautiful. However, we speculate that this bundle will have a higher price as the developers have done a lot of work. Besides, the new price change is something to talk about. It is a huge change, especially the reduction in the price of the Operator.

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