Valorant Patch 2.09: A New Game Mode, Skin Bundles Leak, Viper Nerf & Breeze Changes.

Valorant Patch 2.09 is about to release tomorrow. It introduces a new game mode, two new skin bundles, Viper nerf and some Breeze changes. Besides, Patch 2.09 will also introduce some bug fixes.

New Game Mode

Riot Games teases the new game mode “Replication” on Valorant’s official Twitter handle for a couple of days now. Finally, tomorrow, the new game mode will release with Patch 2.09 update. It will be exciting to see what this new game mode brings for us.

The teasers hint that this mode will allow multiple players to select the same agent, or the player can replicate the abilities of the other agents.

Skin Bundles Leak

The new skin bundles coming in the upcoming match are leaked. Mike – Valorant Leaks & Infoweeted the leaked images of the new skin bundles. Moreover, “Tethered Realm” and “Minima” are the names of the upcoming skin bundles.

The Tethered Realm bundle looks somewhat similar to the Forsaken bundle. The main variant is greenish. As of now, we don’t know how many variants will be available. However, this bundle seems to be made up of glass or crystal.

The Minima bundle seems very minimalistic. It is completely black, more or less like the basic gun. However, there is a circular ring of white light around the trigger. Besides, there is also a straight line of white light on the magazine of the gun.

Viper Nerf

After receiving a massive buff in patch 2.06, Viper is getting a nerf in the upcoming patch. After the last Viper buff in patch 2.06, Viper was the meta. Her pick rate went sky high in tournaments as well as in-game.

The passive ability of Viper, i.e. Toxin, which degrades the health of enemies when they stand close to Toxic Screen or Poison cloud, is getting a nerf.

In patch 2.06, Riot games buffed the Toxin ability to inflict instant 50 damage when entering her smoke or passing through the wall. However, in the upcoming update, this ability is getting a nerf. Now the enemies will inflict 30 rather than 50 in order to balance her.

Breeze Changes

A new Valorant map, Breeze, was released with Patch 2.08. However, the map was only playable in unranked mode. Riot will not introduce it in competitive mode for two weeks after the release. 

It is almost half a month since the release of the new map Breeze. However, after analyzing, the developers decided that the map still needed some changes 

The vision through the gaps above the mid-wood door and the metal door will be blocked. Besides, the player collision will be smoothened in various locations on the map.

The new patch will release soon, everyone is excited about it. Everyone is wagerly waiting to play the new game mode Replication. However, it will be interesting to see how the players will adapt to the new Breeze changes and the Viper nerf.

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