Valorant Patch 3.07

Valorant Patch 3.07: Everything You Need to Know

Valorant Patch 3.07 brings some new interesting updates. However, it is not as great as patch 3.06. There are updates to the agent – ‘Viper’ and the TDM Mode.

Players will be able to enter and exit VALORANT’s Deathmatch mode without penalty, Viper’s wall will apply instant decay to “high-flying” agents, and various faults that caused the game to crash will be fixed.

Valorant Patch 3.07 :

The penalty for quitting Deathmatch early has been removed, which is one of the most significant improvements in Patch 3.07. 

Many players use this mode to warm up before games, and in some situations, committing to a complete match was unhelpful. 

Players will be able to drop out of the mode without incurring a penalty when Patch 3.07 is released, allowing them to jump in and out without committing to a complete game.

Moreover, players will only earn CP if they play the entire game.

Agent Updates: 


Passing past the highest point of Viper’s wall now gives high-flying Agents immediate decay.


Jett’s Blade Storm kunai will now recharge after killing a training dummy or defusing a practice bot.

Social Updates:

  • Penalties removed for leaving Deathmatch early.
  • It requires full game participation to earn XP.

Performance Updates:

Following are the performance updates in the Valorant Patch 3.07 –

  • The “Raw Input Buffer” setting, which is still in beta, increases the performance of input device processing.
  • Since its beginning, VALORANT has used Raw Input for its devices. When you enable “Raw Input Buffer,” the APIs used to process Raw Input will change.
  • When utilised with normal input devices and gaming mice, it should result in a slight performance boost with the same input latency.
  • There is a significant improvement in performance when utilised with an 8000hz polling rate mouse.
  • With this feature enabled, 8000hz polling rate mice are supported.

Riot Games has brought these changes to Valorant Patch 3.07. The TDM update is a significant one. Players will be happy to see these penalties removed.

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