Valorant Patch 4.04

Valorant Patch 4.04 : Riot Changes Map Selection Process

Valorant Patch 4.04 rolled out on 4 March with a new Map Selection process. Riot brings a new ‘deterministic map system’. Moreover, there are some agent updates.   

Riot had this older system to ensure competitive integrity and less queue time. 

Players have always wanted to pick their favourite maps. So Riot brings another method of map selection for their players. The goal of this system is to increase the variety of maps that players will encounter.

Valorant Patch 4.04 : Map Selection

After Valorant Patch 4.04 update, players will get different maps when they play ranked. But this map selection is only for the LATAM region. If it is successful, it will be applied globally. 

When selecting a map after a full lobby is found, Valorant’s deterministic map system follows three rules.

  • First, it analyses all of the maps that players have used in the last five games in that game mode. 
  • Then it will remove any map that has been played twice by any player. 
  • The system will then select the least-played map for the match.
Image via Riot Games

However, there are a few exceptions to the rule. Riot will simply ignore the “twice played” rule if all maps have been removed due to the “twice played” rule. It will break map ties and randomly select from the available options.

The dev team is still working on this new system. Meanwhile, players still want to choose their favourite maps. 

After the update, players don’t have to worry about the same map every time. 

Valorant Patch 4.04 : Map Rework 

The dev team has made some changes to Ascent and Icebox B Site. You can check out all these changes on the official website.

Agent Improvements

Dev team has improved the system used to place abilities at targeted ground locations. This update should make it easier to find valid placement locations in tight spaces. Following are the ability changes  –

  • Omen’s Shrouded Step
  • Viper’s pit
  • Chamber’s Trademark and Rendez-vous
  • Every Killjoy ability
  • Yoru’s Gatecrash
  • Sage’s Barrier Orb

To sum up, the new map system looks better and players will get a variety of maps to play. 

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