Valorant Patch Notes 4.09

Valorant Patch 4.09 Notes : Riot Nerfs Chamber

Valorant Patch 4.09 Notes are here. This time, the dev team has nerfed Chamber and made some changes to the new agent, Fade. 

Chamber is a strong Sentinel and most importantly, his trademark is what makes him outperform other Sentinel tools. So Riot has made some notable changes to Chamber’s trademark.

Also, Valorant’s latest agent, Fade, arrived in the recent update 4.09. The dev team has made two notable VFX changes for her. 

Valorant Patch 4.09

Chamber’s Trademark :

  • The ability now features only one charge instead of two.
  • The cost has been increased from 150 to 200.
  • Riot has increased the audio volume of the trademark.

Fade :

Aside from this nerf, Fade has received VFX changes to her Seize and Nightfall abilities. With improved visibility, these new VFX changes should make it much easier for players to get through the rounds.

  • Nightfall (X) – When casting Fade’s ultimate, there should be less flickering texture on diagonal walls. VFX was also added for added clarity and visual impact.
  • Seize (Q) – In 1p and Agent select, there are changes to the orb VFX for a more dynamic presentation.

Competitive Updates :

Now players can change the leader of their parties. The party leaders can right-click the player name and then click the ‘Make Leader’ option in the drop-down menu.

Riot has fixed some bugs related to Jett –

  • Jett’s Tailwind would occasionally fail to cast when used immediately after curving Cloudburst smoke.
  • Jett’s ultimate indicator would sometimes stay active after firing all kunai due to a bug.

Dev team fixed an issue where an unintended ‘use’ input could occur after using the ‘use’ key to activate abilities like Skye’s Trailblazer or Sova’s Owl Drone.

To sum up, nerfing Chamber seems a bit ‘harsh’. Several esports players have criticized this update when it arrived on PBE (public beta environment). 

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