Valorant Patch 4.09

Valorant Patch 4.09 : Riot Games to Nerf Chamber 

Riot Games will nerf Chamber in the upcoming Valorant Patch 4.09. The Patch 4.08 rolled out recently that nerfed Sova and Jett. 

Leaks suggest that the dev team will now nerf sentinel – Chamber.

Valorant Patch 4.09 :

Developers plan to make several significant changes to the game with the upcoming update, according to PBE patch 4.09. One of them is Chamber nerf.

Valorant Public Environment, or PBE for short, is a game testing platform where a select group of players can try out new content developed by Riot Games.

On Valorant’s PBE webpage, players can sign up for this PBE system. To be a part of it, players must be from North America and have a spotless record with no prior bans or restrictions. 

Even after that, the players’ recruitment for the PBE is not guaranteed.

Chamber’s Trademark :

  • Trademark Charges reduced 2>>>1
  • Trademark Cost increased 150>>>200
  • Increased Trademark’s audio volume

Chamber’s Trademark currently outperforms other Sentinel tools in terms of both reliability and power. This seems out of place given the number of defensive combat tools scattered throughout the rest of his kit. 

Defensive combat and Chamber’s unique weapons define him. So, Riot is lowering his global flank protection/information and increasing counterplay.

This means Chamber will have to decide “whether he wants to play selfishly with his Trademark or use it to help his teammates instead.”

Social :

Riot is  testing the ‘Clutch Mute’ feature that allows you to mute your teammates so you can focus during clutch moments!

You can do it in the following steps –

  • Go to Settings (Esc) > Controls > Communication
  • Set keybinds for Party and Team Voice Clutch Mute Keys
  • Press the keybind while in-game to Toggle “ON” the Party and/or Team Voice Clutch Mute and then again to Toggle “OFF”

Moreover, Riot has fixed some other bugs related to Chamber’s trademark and Jett. 

This PBE will close on May 2, 11 pm PDT. More changes may arrive in PBE 4.09. 

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